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    Question In defense of the Garbage Collector


    Some of our users have begun tracking the memory usage by the JVM via task manager in windows for one of our processes.

    They don't understand the concept of garbage collection, advantages and disadvantages, particularly, the speed at which short-lived objects can be allocated and de-allocated. They just see the overall process memory growing and hardly decreasing anymore and some assume there is a problem.

    I was about to post something on our internal wiki, when I realized that there must be good articles written already.

    What is your favorite (not too technical article) "in defense of the Garbage Collector"?

    I could look up something from Doug Leah or one of those guys, but it will be too hard for a non-programmer to follow. I found this which I thought was simple enough, but not too inspiring : Garbage collection (computer science) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Google has returned too many hits and not enough quality on this. I am hoping someone can share their favorites from a well known source.

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    Thanks for sharing.

    Each have its own pros and cons. ;) More importantly, even Java GC automatically free-up the heap it's not guaranteed that to perform the action all the time.

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    Maybe you like the articles written by Hans Boehm about his own garbage collector writen for C and C++; it also applies to Java's garbage collector. It mentions some details as well as the pros and cons of garbage collection.

    kind regards,


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