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    Question passing type info to a method during run time

    Hi All

    I have a situation where I have a number of classes inheriting a single parent.


    public class ChildA extends parentClass{...}

    public class ChildB extends parentClass{...}

    public class ChildC extends parentClass{...}

    And I have my own class:

    public class myClass()
    public myMethod(parentClass obj)
    /*The reason I am passing an obj here is to pass in the type info
    to do some thing like: */

    if(obj instanceof ChildA)
    //do some thing non polymorphic.

    else if(obj instanceof ChildB)
    //do some thing non polymorphic.

    else if(obj instanceof ChildC)
    //do some thing non polymorphic.



    So basically I am passing an object to myMethod() just as type info. Is there any way to avoid this and have a better design ??

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    Your example is too generic to really help you out, but you might want to look at: Class (Java Platform SE 6)

    But yeah, there's almost definitely a better way to do what you want, design-wise.

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    Are you familiar with design patterns? If not, you might want to learn about them as they can often help you avoid the non-OOP behavior you are describing above. Possible patterns that could work here include the Command Pattern or the Mediator Pattern.


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