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    Default help plz with delimiter and while loop

    Hello im new to java and i have a hw where i have to use delimeter and separate each word from url....and i cant use arrays so im kinda trapped
    i searched everywhere but i couldnt find any good solution
    well my url.txt file contents 2 lines
    i posted on new to java but many views no reply so thought this is lil advance
    XML Code:
    and here is my code

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class scanfile
    		public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException
    	int k=0;
    	int z =0;
    		Scanner s,s2;
    		String l,p;
    		s= new Scanner(new File("url.txt"));
    		while (s.hasNext() == true)
    			l= s.nextLine();
    			s2=new Scanner(l);
    				while (s2.hasNext())
    				 // System.out.println(k+" "+p);
    						    while (p.charAt(z) == '@')
    the whole point of the program is to print the home team and after i compile it i get completly blank output....and i made sure the delimeter works by printing the words and length of the words between the delimeters

    so plzzzz help

    i kept working on it with the same code and i keep getting string index out of bound error...not the blank screen

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    Please don't post the same question in more than one forum. I'm locking this thread as your question is a basic one and belongs in the new to java forum. A couple of suggestions:

    1) Please be patient. We are volunteers not paid, and most will try to answer your question when they have the time.
    2) Your indentation is terrible making it very difficult to read and understand your code, and you'll be likely to have more folks willing to read your code if you format it properly. Frankly this is the reason I personally didn't attempt to answer your question -- I couldn't read your code.


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