Iím programing a desktop application to communicate with a stethoscope using Bluetooth.
Initially I would like to use OBEX, but Iím verify the services available, using the code in this page:
JSR-82 : Java Bluetooth Ľ JSR-82 Sample : Bluetooth Service Search Ľ Articles, Tutorials and Discussion Forums about Java Bluetooth Programming and JSR-82 Bluetooth API

I got the following result:
Starting device inquiry...
Device Inquiry Completed.
Bluetooth Devices:
1. 002484006FFB (M3200 0010030000286675 )
Choose the device to search for Obex Push service : 1
Searching for service...
Device does not support Object Push.
BlueCove stack shutdown completed

Someone know what alternative to OBEX I have to transfer a file, from a stethoscope to a desktop application?

Thank you for your collaboration.

Best regards.