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    Default JList with custom Array

    Hi guys

    I am having a problem at the minute with my JList it is currently reading the data in ok from the JBoss server using a bean which connects to a sybase database.

    The issue I am having is that I wish to customize what the display text is when I set the Data of the jlist. I would really appreciate any help you can offer me as I need to complete this project by the end of today.

    private void UpdateLists()
    jListMailSelect.setListData(currentUserMessageList );
    jListUserSelection.setListData(dbconn.getAllUsers( ).toArray());


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    You might want to create a wrapper object that has a custom toString() method to hold each piece of data since default cell renderer used by JList uses toString to display the data. If this is not powerful enough, then you may need to create a custom cell renderer, and the JList tutorial can help you get started with this: JList Tutorial

    Best of luck!

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