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    Default Displaying japanese and other charsets

    Hallo, just for fun I am developing a irc-bot, one of the functions are to display the title of webpages when someone posts a link in the chat, my problem is that links to non-western european charset like Shift_JIS come out as crap, both in the console window and the irc-chat.

    here the code to fetch the title:
    Java | /** * Gets the title of - Anonymous - uwj9aq5L -

    and here is the code to print it out later:
    Java | public void main() throws - Anonymous - Qxr83n9t -

    as you would see is that i try to write purly on the console before sending it to the channel, the output I get is like to the console:
    LINE_1: CVz?[y?[W
    TEST_1: CVz?[y?[W
    TEST_2: ?C?V???z?[???y?[?W
    TEST_3: ?????[???[?
    TEST_4: ?????????
    TEST_5: ?C?V???z?[???y?[?W
    TEST_6: ?C?V??z?[???y?[?W
    TEST_7: ?C?V???z?[???y?[?W
    TEST_8: CV?z?[??y?[?W
    TEST_9: ?C?V??z?[???y?[?W

    and in the irc, the irc-client i use have utf-8 set as charset

    <Pabulo> CVz?[y?[W 00
    <Pabulo> CVz?[y?[W 01
    <Pabulo> ?C?V???z?[???y?[?W 02
    <Pabulo> ?????[???[? 03
    <Pabulo> ????????? 04
    <Pabulo> ?C?V???z?[???y?[?W 05
    <Pabulo> ?C?V??z?[???y?[?W 06
    <Pabulo> ?C?V???z?[???y?[?W 07
    <Pabulo> CV?z?[??y?[?W 08
    <Pabulo> ?C?V??z?[???y?[?W 09

    I can see when debugging the the string is containing the correct characters(in this case the japanese, well most of them) but when it goes out it comes out as crap.
    Any help would be great.

    Edit: seems like the ide didnt support it, I ported it to netbeans and it works there, bluej that i used before didnt support itseems
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