I have a problem in how to read pdf file where some of certain word from pdf file will insert to database.

For reading pdf file i used pdfbox and displayed as the same as in pdf file by using this code:

XML Code:
   File file = new File("C:/DocumentandSettings/user/Desktop/file.pdf");
                FileInputStream fis=new FileInputStream(file);
                BufferedInputStream br=new BufferedInputStream(fis);
                PDFParser parser = new PDFParser(br);
                COSDocument cosDoc =new COSDocument();
                            cosDoc = parser.getDocument();
		PDDocument pdDoc =new PDDocument(cosDoc);
                PDFTextStripper pdfStripper = new PDFTextStripper();
                String parsedText = pdfStripper.getText(pdDoc);
I stuck until that code..could please anyone give me some idea in what to do after that or am i need to make another .txt file so that content can be read and insert to database...:(