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    Default Need help in redirecting to a url

    Need some idea da,

    To say exactly my requirement :

    Need to write a client application which needs to redirect to web page:

    1) To redirect to the home page , I am just using response.sendRedirect(website) and it is going fine. in this case the url is which is the homepage

    2) This is the home page( which requires username and password to be entered. After entering username and password , it goes to another page and after clicking another link in the page, it goes to the next page..and the url is

    So my requirement is I need to redirect to this page

    but on redirecting it goes to home page only ( But I am ready to give username and password credentials to directly to go to url but not sure how this can be done ?

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    Its not a correct one of redirecting like this...But u can encode and pass username and password by doing like this

    url ? username=xxx&password=yyy

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