I am trying to access a website using Java and get from it the CSS properties of say a specific div for example. So, I need to know that that div has a width of 500px, background-color red etc etc. It may be because that div has a class, an ID or simply because it is a div. The most important thing is that because of CSS inheritance, I need to know exactly what that div's properties are. To make it clear, I need the final values in a similar way as the attribute properties that appear to the right hand part of Firebug when you do an inspect element of a particular HTML tag. All I need are the final values and properties (not what has been overridden). I first tried to research if there is something that makes Firebug save on a text file and then I analyze it using Java but I think it will get too dependent on what Firebug's features will be in the future so it may be risky. Another idea was to build a tree in Java and put in it CSS of each HTML tag so the lowest node is the final property. Is there any inbuilt function in Java that can get you the actual CSS properties of specific HTML tag ? This would avoid me having to rewrite the wheel :) Thanks a lot for your kind help!