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    Default Using Time

    Hi All,

    My Question concerns : "Doing things continuously over time", here is the problem details : (Java and NOT JavaScript)

    Suppose that we need to change the position of a Swing item (JCheckBox for example) from the position : (0,0,70,25) to (100,0,70,25).

    Usually i do :

    Java Code:
    ... And the Box then is moved to the new position IN ZERO SECONDS.

    ... But, what if we need it to go to the new position continuously TAKING 1 SECONDE or more ??!

    (i.e. we need it to move continuously starting from (0,0,70,25) and arriving to (100,0,70,25) in a trip taking 1 second or more)

    Same Question for many other Actions like Changing a Panel Size, Changing a Label Color and so ...

    i have a general idea that we have to use something like Threads or others may be !? but i need a very simple example showing how to do that in a very simple and quick code...

    Many thanks for any help.

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    You would use a Swing Timer that moves the component a small bit with each iteration (calling revalidate/repaint after each move) and then which has been set to stop once the component is where you want it. This is no different from other simple Swing animations.

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    Many thanks ... Do u have a simple code please ?!

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    There are lots of pieces of sample/simple code on this forum. Use Search here for "Timer"

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