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    Question Problem to return XML structured WebMethod response

    Hello All.
    I have Java WebProject with WebService interface. (build by NetBeans, running under TomCat 6.0)
    There is method with String Output type defined in Java Wrapper.
    @WebMethod(operationName = "MyMethod")
    public String MyMethod(@WebParam(name = "STARTLAT")
    double STARTLAT, @WebParam(name = "STARTLON")
    double STARTLON, @WebParam(name = "ENDLAT")
    double ENDLAT, @WebParam(name = "ENDLON")
    double ENDLON) {
    MyBaseClass ts = new MyBaseClass();
    String path= ts.GetPath(STARTLAT, STARTLON, ENDLAT, ENDLON);
    catch (Exception e) {
    return ("<Error>"+ e.getMessage()+"</Error>");

    Method is always returns XML formatted string, but on client side I receives it changed a little bit.:(
    Instead sent "<roadlength>0</roadlength>" string it looks like
    <ns2:MyMethodResponse xmlns:ns2="">

    Sometimes response is embedded within <![CDATA[

    What I need to specify within Java Web Service Wrapper or WSDL in order to get "fresh" XML between <return></return>, without &lt; and <![CDATA[

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    Then define the response type.

    At the moment it is defined as a simple string, so will escape any html characters so as not to mess up the response.

    Of course this won't work if you still simply assign some xml-based text to any of the return values. You'll have to break the data out of the xml, or manually code the response.

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