Hello All,

I have started studying Struts2 & m trying out an application in it. I have created Action Class in which I am putting some values in Arraylist. I wanted to print the contents of that Arraylist onto my JSP page. But I am getting it null on that page. I've tried it to pass through session & also through RequestDispatcher. Still it comes as 'null'.

Please tell me the way to access it on JSP page.
Details about the code I've tried :

EmpVO class : contains getter-setter methods to store employee records.
ActionClass : in which the ArrayList 'empArr' is designed & I am putting EmpVO
class objects in it.
Hello.jsp : jasp file to display ArrayList from ActionClass.
rest of the files are on their places.... like struts.xml, web.xml etc. with all necessory entries in it.