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Thread: DVB-T capture

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    Default DVB-T capture


    I want to develop a small application in Java which can receive a DVB-T multiplex and store this raw data to the file or send somewhere throw the internet.

    There is very important, that I want to receive and process all TV programs in the multiplex (all data received on one frequency) and I want to receive raw data (as they are transmitted in the air).

    I use the application vlc with following parameters, but I prefer to create my own Java application because vlc has a few serious disadvantages for me:
    Java Code:
    vlc.exe -v --intf dummy dvb-t://frequency=634000000 :demux=dump :demuxdump-file="D:\tv\record.ts"
    I would like to be able to run my application on Windows and Linux.

    The question is: How to receive whole one multiplex from DVB-T tuner in Java? I want to able to do something like:
    Java Code:
    DVB dvb = new DVB("dvb-t://frequency=634000000");
    InputStream multiplex = dvb.getInputStream();
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