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    Question Advice on writing a bot to...?


    So I'm trying to register for some university courses but the class I need is full. People tend to drop and pick classes frequently but you need to be fast in order to pick up a class. So I had the idea to write a bot the would check if someone has dropped the class for me.

    I've never tried anything like this before so I was hoping to get some advice from someone who has done something similar.

    Would it be better to make a program that simply moves the mouse around and make its click on certain parts of my screen in which the links and such would be located and it could check if the class is open by checking a single pixels color (green or blue) (I've never done anything like that but I assume it's possible?) or would it be best to have a program read the source and interact with the website that way (again I've never done anything like that so I don't know if that's practical.)

    Any ideas would be appreciated, I don't know if it is realistic for me to write a program for this purpose but it would be nice to hear some thoughts.

    Thank You.

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    things would be easier if you say at least how the university system works.
    but I would try to implement it on javascript with ajax, probably with jquery, making requests and analysing the data returned.

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