Hello everybody,

i am searching for a documentation of the detailed functioning of the Java Single Sign On soloution "Josso".

The main documentation and the two diagrams on the Josso-website do not contain all details. What i need, is a description of all activities and data -traffics/flows from the first Browser-request to the end of the authorization-process of the Partner App. in a "multi-container"-Josso enviroment Also detailed diagramms are very helpful.

some questions I have are the following:

1.)Does Josso work without cookies? How many cookies are stored? where? and how is the data-flow concerning these cookies

2.)Does the agent also contain and store session-data or does the agent only perform communcation-tasks?

3.)How Does logout work in Josso? When you logout in one Partner App, how are the other Aprtner-Apps, running in other containers informed about the logout?

4.) What about session-timeout? In which component (s) (Gateway, Agent, Partner App ? ) do the session-timeout take place? And if one Partner-App runs in session timeout, what about the other Partner apps? how are they informed about this session-timeout?

Thanks a lot.