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    Default Passing Enum<T> client objects

    I am writing a utility class that does comparison of predefined properties of objects. The client of this utility passes an enum which consists of the valid names of attributes of the client which the utility class can call to get a value.


    Class Client
    public enum MyAttributes {

    public <T extends Comparable<T>> getAttribValue(MyAttributes attrib){
    switch (attribut) {
    case MyAttributes.Name:
    return this.Name;

    So then I want to define this utility class that can examine the values provided by this utility class. The available attributes that can be examined are contained in the enum defined the client and pass as a type parameter to the utility object. (Utility classes all defined by some interface
    where I can get the attribute value.)

    Class CompareEngine<T extends Enum<T>> {

    public CompareEngine(Class<T> enumType) {
    T[] enumvals;
    * enumvals = enumType.values();
    //doesn't work, enumType is a class object, no values method.


    In the line with the *, I can't figure out how to pass the enum type object so that I can call its values method within the context of this utility class.

    Any help appreciated.

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    You could get them as an array of objects:

    Java Code:
    Object[] enumvals = enumType.getEnumConstants();
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    Many thanks,Mr Matt,:)

    Somehow I missed that function in the suggestion list because I was so busy looking for "values()." I turns out that

    T[] =enymType.getEnumConstants() works just fine...

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