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    Thumbs up Java swing window...

    thank you all who posted replies to my previous problems..
    they helped me to learna a lot..

    now i am having a problem..
    i have made a GUI using Jswing..
    it is completely ready..
    but i am having following problem..
    wen i click a button in the window..
    it needs to popout another window...

    so wen i click the button another window pops out..
    but wen u close the window which is popped out
    whole program shuts down..
    i dont want that
    i want that only te popped out window gets closed...

    note- the window that is pooped out is the output of Jfreechart and outputs a graph.. in another window..
    so its like i give parameters in a window..
    and see the numeric results in same window but the graph is pooped out..
    so wen i close the graph
    whole program shudnt be closed...

    please help

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    whole program shouldn't be closed
    Check what happens when any of the windows are closed. Make sure they are not set to EXIT the program.

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