Hi all, (Sorry for my goofy English)

I am developing a web project using java, struts2 and sql. I want to add speech in some of my web pages. When the user selects some content and click speech action, the selected text should be read loudly.

I have used jsapi, freetts but the application reads well in local system, but it never supports the clients system, i want to change the voice too.. i have even tried with mbrola voices , but i am getting errors.

if using mbrola voices how to configure in the web app ?

This is my code

Java Code:
import com.sun.speech.freetts.Voice;
import com.sun.speech.freetts.VoiceManager;

public class Speech {
	private VoiceManager voiceManager;
	private  Voice voice;
	private String voiceName;

	public void TTS(String words)
		     if (getVoice() == null)
		             "Cannot find a voice named "
		             + getVoiceName() + ".  Please specify a different voice.");
                        // Clean up and leave.
		catch (Exception e) {
			// TODO: handle exception

	public void setVoiceManager(VoiceManager voiceManager) {
		this.voiceManager = voiceManager;

	public VoiceManager getVoiceManager() {
		return voiceManager;

	public void setVoice(Voice voice) {
		this.voice = voice;

	public Voice getVoice() {
		return voice;

	public void setVoiceName(String voiceName) {
		this.voiceName = voiceName;

	public String getVoiceName() {
		return voiceName;

Is there any java plugins or other website plugins to use the speech system in my web pages

How to solve this probs ?

your help is highly appreciated