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    Default Grabbing info from Java game


    I've been trying to "hack" into a game called Darkfall for quite some time but I always hit a wall.
    I'm not trying to do anything illegal within the game itself like speedhacking, wallhacking or anything like that. I just want to be able to retrieve information, not write anything and according to the Devs they don't really care about 3rd party tools as long as they aren't hacks.

    I have tried doing it two ways using several methods.
    First I tried getting a DirectX api hook because I figured most of the information I wanted was being drawn on screen at some point, therefore reading the parameters for the functions that DirectX uses could work but I couldn't really get this method to work and realised that there's a lot more information hidden so decided to move on to another way.

    Second attempt was trying out to get inside the Java, I decompiled the class loader but couldn't really get anything useful out of it. I tried using VisualVM and checking the heap dump and found out most classes are obfuscated with names like Fbd Agv.
    I have tried with JVMTI but without any success. I can't seem to get what I want.

    So basically what I'm trying to ask is how should I go in order to just hook a dll into the game and grab some info? My objective would be to retrieve the string right after the program decrypts it and then I could do whatever I wanted with it.

    Googling around I have found 0 tutorials or helpful links regarding to Java game hooking which is why I'm asking here.


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    Sounds too system internals for java. Try native code.

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    how about injecting bytecode at some methods and see what you get through?

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    use visualvm to find the object pointer name which is displayed onscreen. from there, you can go ahead and backwards-trace the bytecode calls.

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