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    Wink experience interview questions of j2ee


    if anybody have experience interview questions on J2EE technlogies.could plese post it:cool:

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    Ok, normally I'm pretty good about not tearing apart users, but this post is either a cross post, or an ignorantly placed spam.

    So, this now gives me the right to tear it apart.

    if anybody have experience interview questions on J2EE technlogies.could plese post it
    So this "sentence" is wrong for the following reasons:

    - Capitalize the first letter on the first word of a sentence.
    - Punctuation to end the sentence, in this case, a question mark to indicate it should be a question.
    - The comma is used to inject a pause in the middle of a sentence, not a period.
    - the spelling of please, not "plese"
    - "technologies", not "technlogies"
    - Interview questions are themselves a non possessive noun, therefore cannot have experience, I assume you meant to ask if anyone has experience in taking an interview on J2EE related technologies.

    So, considering these points, The revised sentence might look something like:
    If anybody would have some sample interview questions relating to J2EE technologies, could you please post them?
    Ok, now that the question reads well,

    j2ee sample interview questions - Google Search

    Hope that helps.

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