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    Default New to springs framework

    I want to know much about dependency injection. pls help if anyone is familiar with the same.....

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    Dependency injection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A beginners guide to Dependency Injection

    I used to try to think of dependency injection as an evolution for singleton manager types of patterns, where something that needs a handle on something else would do a somethingelse.getInstance() which gets complicated when there are a lot of pieces, and limited re-usability of the components.

    where as dependency injection, something else creates instances of the components, invokes setters to have the references to other objects set, and stores the object instances in a kind of map. Spring framework happens to use XML, and more recently annotations, to articulate the relationship between individual parts.

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    The following article explains the IoC and its differents types:

    Inversion of Control – IoC « Blog AgileWorks

    And also there is a easy manual with all the concepts for the core spring in the following:

    Introducción a Spring « Blog AgileWorks

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