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    Default How do I store images in a zip file in Java


    I am trying to write some code to collect a load of images from URLs and then to store them in a zip file. So I have written code to get each image into an Image object thus:-

    // create the zip file/stream
    FileOutputStream dest = new FileOutputStream("d://");
    out = new ZipOutputStream(new BufferedOutputStream(dest));

    while ( (record=dis.readLine()) != null ) { // This is reading a text file containing the list of images

    String URLStr = UrlStem + record;
    URL url = new URL(URLStr);
    URLConnection urlconnection = url.openConnection();
    image =;

    // Now want to add this image to a zip file - but how??

    but I can't see how to then how to add it to a zip file. The images might be GIFs or JPEGS. I have seen examples of adding files from a directory but not of doing it on the fly - is it possible?

    Thanks in advance

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    As long as you know what type the file is at the time you are writing it, I don't see why you can't do it on the fly. Just create the ZipEntry with the known extension and write the bytes to that

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