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    Default Deleting an atatchment after sending mail

    Hello everyone..

    I'm trying to forward a PDF with a mail and also delete it from the tomcat/bin folder after sending it as it gets generated in that folder. But the problem is if I try to use the delete method, the file is deleted even before the mail is sent. So I was hoping if anyone could help me on this.

    Java Code:
     File[] pdfFile = {DownloadProfile.generateProfile(profileId, "pdf", request, response)};
                //Format Subject:
                String subject = ContentUtil.get("com/inikah/template/common-subject.txt");
        		subject = subject.replace("[$mail-context$]", "Please Check This Pdf");
        		subject = subject.replace("[$profile-name$]", profile.getProfileName());
        		subject = subject.replace("[$profile-code$]", profile.getProfileCode());
        		//Format Body:
        		String body = ContentUtil.get("com/inikah/template/profile/profile-attachment.html");
        		body = body.replace("[$contact-person$]", "Sr/Br");
        		body = body.replace("[$profile-name$]", profile.getProfileName());
        		body = body.replace("[$profile-code$]", profile.getProfileCode());
        		for (String toAddress: email) {
                    if (Validator.isNotNull(toAddress)) MailUtil.sendMail(toAddress, subject, body, pdfFile);

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