Hi all. I want to retrieve the value selected from the option list and i use the value, in the same jsp page, in the method down.

How do i get the this value selected? Any one to help me?

my code
Statistics stat = new Statistics();
Province <select name="province">
<option value ="Nairobi" selected>Nairobi</option>
<option value ="Central">Central</option>
<option value ="Central">Coast</option>
<option value ="Eastern">Eastern</option>
<option value ="North Eastern">North Eastern</option>
<option value ="Nyanza">Nyanza</option>
<option value ="Rift Valley">Rift Valley</option>


String province = OPTION.index;
ArrayList<DistrictObject> dist = stat.getDistricts(province);
for (int i=0; i<dist.size(); i++) {
District <select name="district">
<option value = "<%=dist.get(i).getProvCode()%><%=dist.get(i).getD istCode()%>"> <%=dist.get(i).getDistName()%></option>
<% } %>