I have a JAVA application in which we have two objects: Sender and Receiver.

In Sender object, we do the following:
1. we get an rmi stub from registry;
2. we have a VirtualStub object which wraps the rmi stub;
3. we serialize the virtual stub and send it to the Receiver object.

In Receiver object, we do the following:
1. we receive a serilaized virtual stub and deserialize it;
2. we invoke a method on virtual stub and the virtual stub, in turn, invokes the method on the rmi stub that it holds.

This is working fine on windows. However, on linux , it generates this excpetion--"java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header:EFBFBDEF on linux".


we have a virtual stub that wraps the rmi stub;

Hi, I have a java application that involves serializing and de-serializing rmi stub. It is working fine on windows platform. However, on linux this error message is generated "java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream: EFBFBDEF".