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    Default iText Read Chuncks of PDF into java


    I'm spending a lot of time after searching a solution of my following problem;

    with the iText in Java I wan't to read out the Chunks for each paragraph.
    (because I want to have a list of all 'links-to-other-pdf-file')

    if I have a first test application that's working for getting thee example test1 and test2:

    Chunk chunk = new Chunk();
    chunk.setRemoteGoto("test1", "test2");
    ArrayList<Chunk> listChunks = chunk.getChunks();
    for (Chunk chnk : listChunks)

    but now is my problem, these chuks not from my setted example, but of a pdf that's read in.
    (my opinion is to first load every paragraph of the first document, and take every chunck of these paragraphs)

    Can somebody help me out please???

    Appriciated in advance!

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    Dear all,

    Does somebody else know maybe that I can use another library where I can specially read out the links of content (to another pdf file) into a pdf?

    Thnkx in advnce!

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