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    Question How to reduce the number of tables?

    Hi everyone!

    I have a big problem:

    If there is a set A={1,2,3,...,47,48,49} there are 49 elements, if we choolse randomly 6 numbers what is probability?

    If we generate all of these combination and we will have 13983816 combination.

    We want to put these in a table and add six column it will be (12-COLUMNS X 13983816-ROWS) then the number of rows will be reduce.

    I have build some tables with a sample 2-elements from 9.
    The first table is main and the other tables are the table in wich all of these combiantion find.

    My question:
    How can I made all of these combination in a small number of tables?

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    What is the context here? Is this a Swing app and are these JTables? Something else?

    Buena suerte!

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