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    Default Help Needed in Solving the Following Isuue.

    I am working on a task, which has a text box and on exit of a text box we need to get the remaing content, for example in google when we start wrting some letter in the text box we will be getting all related content which starts with that perticular letter, As of now we are not calling any ajax methods.

    here is the code which i am working on:

    <script type="text/javascript">

    function getContentByText(element){
    var text = element.value;

    var response = getEmailAddresses(text);


    function getEmailAddresses(text)
    //send input text as part of ajax request
    //once the ajax is posted,we can get the response
    //response will be as shown below which we then process
    var testString=";;;;";
    return testString;

    function processResponse(text){
    var addresses = testString.split(';');

    var temp='';
    for(var i=0; i<addresses.length ; i++){
    temp = temp+addresses[i];
    temp = temp+'\n';

    var nextelement = document.getElementById("2email");
    nextelement.value = temp;


    function processResponseTable(textString){
    var addresses = textString.split(';');


    var temp='<table>';
    for(var i=0; i<addresses.length ; i++){

    temp = temp+'<tr><td>';
    temp = temp+addresses[i];
    temp = temp+'</td</tr>';
    temp = temp+'</table>';

    var nextelement = document.getElementById("results");

    nextelement.innerHTML = temp;




    <tr><td id="bodyText" nowrap colspan="2"><input type="radio" name="catagory" checked="checked" value="CAN" >CAN <input type="radio" name="catagory" value="PCAN" >PCAN <input type="radio" name="catagory"value="BTN" >BTN &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input name="TEXT" onblur="getContentByText(this)" type="text" size="20"</td></tr>
    <tr><td id="bodyText" nowrap>To Email/Fax <span id="requiredText" >*</span></td>
    <td id="bodyText" align="right"><input name="TO_EMAIL" type="text" size="36" value="<%=emailID %>" ></td></tr></table>

    In the above code we are having a text box with size 20. when we type letter a and exit of tht we need to get all the related data in to the To Email/Fax text box. in this case we will get
    if t we need to and

    when i type any letter i am getting all the content, no matter which letter it starts with.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I see no Java...

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    Ya, it just got the text boxes in html whih calls a function, usually we will get those deatils using AJAX but we dont have tht functionality right now. so our main thing is how do we get the specfic content with the above code. As i mentioned.

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    .. I think he means, This isn't java, its javascript, Huge difference.
    :rolleyes: ~ Sno ~ :rolleyes:
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