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    Default Integrating U-Prove technology using JavaSDK

    Hi everyone!
    Ok so I am like REALLY new to Java and have been given a project in it to work on and I'm stuck!

    So a brief overview of the project! It involves integrating the U-Prove technology (an identity management framework; Microsoft's recent release) with one of the company products.
    There are basically 3 roles implemented - the issuer, prover (user) and verifier. So the issuer and prover engage in an issuance protocol and the prover and verifier engage in a presentation protocol.

    1. Issuer sets and distributes Issuer Parameters
    2. Prover and Verifier validates issuer parameters on reception

    (Token Issuance)
    3. Issuer generates 1st issuance message
    4. Prover generates 2nd issuance message
    5. Issuer generates 3rd issuance message
    4. Prover generates U-Prove Token (the fundamental element of the U-Prove technology)

    (Token Presentation)
    5. Prover chooses a token to use
    6. Prover generates presentation proof
    7. Prover transmits U-Prove token and presentation proof to verifier

    8. Verifier verifies presentation proof

    I have been able to run the sample program which involves all 3 roles together. Now I have to run the 3 parts on different JVMs. So the idea is to make the verifier keep running in an infinite loop in the background (I dunno how to do that) and it should verify the token whenever the Prover submits a a presentation proof and token to it.


    The details of the code can be found here:
    U-Prove Crypto SDK V1.0 (Java Edition) - Home

    PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!! I will be VERY grateful!

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    Someone please help! I've been trying to understand how to do it but am not making any progress! HHHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPP!!!!

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