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    Red face is this correct not supposed to edit the printValues method

    Java Code:
     * Fill in the class method main of the class ex3 with code that checks
     * to see if exactly one command-line argument is supplied:
     * -if more than one arguments are supplied, the program
     prints the string "Wrong input" directly from the main method
     * -if exactly one argument is suppled, the program prints the argument
     * args[0] by calling, from the class method main, the instance method
     * NOTICE that in the one argument case, you are not allowed to print
     the argument directly from the main method by using System.out.println
     * (or print).
     * nOTICE that in this case you need to call an instance method
     (i.e. printValue(s)) from a static class method(i.e. main).
     you are not allowed to create any new methods
     * all the code for this exercise must be inside the class method main
     * for example.
     * if you run the program with "one" on the screen
     * if you run the program with "one two three" as command-line
     arguments, it should print "Wrong input on the screen"
    public class Ex3{
        public void printValues(String s){
        public static void main(String args[]){
            for(int i=0; i>args.length;i++)
                System.out.println("Wrong input");
            } else{
            Ex3 a = new Ex3();
    is what i wrote correct

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    no, what you wrote is not correct:
    - braces don't match up
    - logic is incorrect

    did you try to run it?

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