How I am using java springs can anybody tell me how can i display the array
values loaded in the model class in jstl tag.loading to array part is working fine.But i have been unable to display it in jsp page.

I did like this in dao layer I am writing the function like this

Java Code:
public PayRollTypeOutDto getPayRollType() {
        final String methode_name = "PayRollTypeOutDto getPayRollType()";
        String comSql = "SELECT pay_head_name,addition_deduction FROM payhead group by addition_deduction,pay_head_name order by addition_deduction desc";
        SqlRowSet srs = this.jdbcTemplate.queryForRowSet(comSql);
        int i = 0;

        PayRollTypeOutDto payRollTypeOutDto = new PayRollTypeOutDto();
          String[] anArray;              // declares an array of integers
          String[] anArray1;
          anArray = new String[10];
        anArray1 = new String[10];
         while ( {
          anArray[i] = srs.getString("pay_head_name");
          anArray1[i] = srs.getString("addition_deduction");

 return payRollTypeOutDto;
In the controller i am writing like this

Java Code:
    public String showPayRollType(ModelMap model, HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse httpServletResponse) throws ServletException {
       String methodeName = "showPayRollType() /payrolltype.htm";

         PayRollTypeInDto payrollTypeInDto = new PayRollTypeInDto();
          MasterDaoExt2 masterdaoExt2 = new MasterDaoImpExt2(this.jdbcTemplate);

          httpServletRequest.setAttribute("rollList", this.masterDaoExt2.getPayRollType());

}catch(Exception e){
    JCLogger.log(CLASS, methodeName, " Going to load :::dto::"+ e.getMessage(), JCLogger.INFO);

           return "payrolltype";

This is my jstl code

XML Code:
<c:forEach items="${rollList}" var="row" varStatus="i" >
             <TR >
             <form:checkbox path="selectHeader" label="" value="" tabindex="2"/>
             <TD width="100px"><c:out value="${row.header_pay[i]}"/>
                 <%--<c:out value="${row.header_pay}"/> --%>
             <TD width="100px">
                 <c:if test="${row.header_type[i]==1}">
                 <c:out value="Addition"/>
                 <c:if test="${row.header_type[i]==0}">
                 <c:out value="Deduction"/>