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    Default Variable Naming

    I have found no equivocal in any programming language I have used or come across and what I am currently wondering is if you can take a variable value (of a string) and use that value to create a new variable.


    My username is 67726e, and I have a login form for a chat program. I have any user enter a username during their chat session. Would there be a way to take the username used during the 'login' and use that as a string variable name.

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    This is not really the Java "way". If you want to associate an object with a String, then use a Map such as a HashMap. What's important here is more the object and not the variable, and objects don't have names. In fact many objects may be unassociated with any simple variable (anonymous objects, for instance), and in fact even if you create a variable, name it 67726e, what's to prevent you from later having it reference another user named "Fred"? What you are trying to do though is to associate an object with a String, and Maps are tailor made to do this and worth investigating.
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    And, as an aside, you can't have a variable starting with a number in Java anyway...:)

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