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    Default how to handle exceptions

    hi guys
    I want to learn more about java, I did an application an a friend of mine told me that it's very important to do exceptions (try and catch blocks)
    I searched on Internet about it, but I don't understand very well what is it about and why do I have to use

    can you guide me ?

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    Hi paty,
    There are 2 types of exceptions.
    Unchecked exceptions : excptions that could happen at run time..u dont have to handle them because the java compilers dont check if u handled them or not (but u better do).
    Checked Exceptions: Exceptions that u have to handle because the java compiler will give u a compile erroe if u dont do.
    Exception can be hadled directley when they accoured(by try and catch blocke) or can be propagated (using throw clousle).
    Its really a very bi argument..u better read a bit about it.

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