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    Default JDBC with Netbeans/Oracle


    I installed netbeans and oracle xe on my laptop.
    I have the ojdbc.jar file, but when I try to start the database I get access is denied.

    Also when trying to setup the db connection in netbeans, what goes in host, port, and sid?

    I didnt change anything in installation, so I guess the ports are all default

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    i also have a same query
    i have netbeans , oracle 8i installed
    now how do i load the driver?
    do i need to create a new database for my project
    since i had installed oracle few years back
    so i dont know the global database name and sid.
    are these two needed while creating a connection...
    please help...i m very much confused
    as earlier i was doing the final year project using jdbcodbc driver
    it was simple....
    but now my college faculty is saying that i cant use ms access..

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