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    Default Extracting Text from Image

    Hi Forum,
    Assist me how to extract text from the image. I already done some search on OCR.
    for java i found Asprise OCR which can fulfill my task. but it is commercial and very expensive for me.
    And other ones Tesseract OCR , GOCR are not related to java like Asprise OCR.
    So is there any other which can perform like Asprise OCR in java.
    And also please guide if any other alternative methods in java rather then OCR to extract the text form image.

    thanking you in advance.

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    Hi Kish. i'm having the same problem now. since your post is older i believe that by now you would have got answers for your question. can you suggest some api or some way to extract text from images. Expecting your reply... Thanks in advance

    with regards

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    Chances are, the OP is long gone. This was his only post, which received no replies. The chances of him coming back with a solution are not very high.

    The reason for this is that this problem is not trivial. It's not going to be easy. What have you done so far? What did google tell you?
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    Yeah i am searching. i get many softwares both proprietary and open source. but i need some APIs to program it by my own, or some way to do it in java itself (Even if it's complex). I just want some guidance to do it. I don't want any softwares. Just to get some idea i even worked with the downloaded software. i think you'll guide me kevin.

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