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    Default multiple submit buttons on webpage


    Need some urgent help!

    The following is my code i.e. the action i want performed once the 'Approve' submit button is selected. Problem is i have multiple buttons and cant figure out how to get the bottom code to run once the 'Approve' button is selected?

    <input type="submit" id="x" name="Approve" value="Approve" /></form>

    <input type="submit" id="x" name="Reject" value="Reject" />


    String APPROVEDSD = request.getParameter(date1);
    String APPROVEDED = request.getParameter(dates1);

    if((APPROVEDSD != null) && (APPROVEDED != null))

    Vacation vac1 = new Vacation();

    vac1.setApprovedSD(date1); //date1=date in optionbox in webpage
    vac1.setApprovedED(dates1); //dates1=date in optionbox in webpage

    VacationDAO VacationDAO = new VacationDAO();





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