I am writing a dogFight program in my Comp Sci class right now the part that I am posting about here has already been turned in but incompleted and i was looking for some insight on what i should do to possibly fix the issues. We are using inheritance and abstraction. i got the abstraction part down pat but the inheritance is killing me... we had to make a pose for the dog... either Attack, Defend, or EatCookie, attack v. attack the dog has a percentage chance based on their speed that will determine weather or not the dog hits with the amount of power it has. i used a random number generator to check this no problem. attack v. defend 25% chance attacking dog hits itself with 25% of its power, 50% chance nothing happens, and 25% chance defending dog still gets hit with 25% of attacking dog's power. no problem there either but when i tried to incorporate all of this from the TUI through the game class into the Dog to set the Pose i started having alot of issues if you would like to see the code just ask for a specific class to see and ill post it... here are a list of the classes the program contains:

DogFightModerator <-- game class
Pose <-- interface

any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.