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    Default What should I study to create a BLOG with java

    I m just aware of basic java.... i wanna Create a BLOG using java...
    so can anyboy tell me that what should i study and from where(if possible)?

    If any body have code then plzz mail me at

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    Well, from the features a blog has,
    - a web interface
    - storage of content in a way that facilitates storing a lot of content over time and making it searchable.

    For the first point, I would think we are going to need to build a Java web application, which could be a servlet container, such as Tomcat, possibly hooked to a front facing HTTP server such as Apache, using "mod_jk" tomcat connector.

    Structurally, a web application is contained in a .war file, where we would have a model-view controller type of mechanism (such as struts (v1,or v2), Spring-MVC, or Java Server Faces).

    I have had good success using Spring MVC with JSP pages and the Tiles templating project to create simple structured web applications.

    And for the second point, this is a kind of database. which could be Postgresql, MySQL, H2 (a nice Java based embeddable database), All of which are invoked using SQL, through Java database connection (JDBC).
    Though in practice it is difficult and tedious to program straight JDBC for complex applications, it might be handy to learn about an object relational persistence engine, such as Hibernate or Ibatis.

    And to assemble this together, likely a build tool such as Ant.

    So, to review

    HTTP (e.g. cookies)
    Java Web Applications

    Design paradigms:
    Model view controller (MVC)
    Templated Web page layout
    Data accessors and object relational mapping.
    Build management (e.g. ant, maven)

    Springframework (a good inversion of control container to use inside web applications)
    Spring MVC (builds on former)
    Tiles (templating library)
    commons-fileupload (if we wanted to attach pictures)
    MySQL databse (a popular easy to get into database)
    Hibernate, or Ibatis (database mapping tools)

    Lots of parts eh.?

    There is a project called 'app fuse' Home - AppFuse 2 -*Confluence
    they work to make a bundle of a bunch of these projects to facilitate quick start to building new applications, so that might also be a good place to investigate. Though it is handy to know the different pieces on their own, as with any single bundled thing, its easy to become confused where and what something is providing if it all comes pre-assembled for you, and playing with a project like appfuse doesn't teach you how to do all of the individual programming activites.

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    What's with all the words? Just mail him the code liked he asked. :rolleyes:

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    I got to learn to read the WHOLE sentence.

    Apache Roller - Downloads - Apache Roller

    No wonder I did terrible on my exams :P

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    Default Clear, Concise, and Informative is Wonderful!

    No, please... words are good, especially when they are clear, concise, and informative. Thank you for answering my question ahead of time. I just spent a few hours searching for this information, before specifically entering "create a blog with java".
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