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    Default Cast Error Caught (change) Class is really: java.lang.String

    Hi, I was getting a class cast exception in part of my code (using Java 2 sdk 1.4.1). I added an exception handler and the following is the section of the code:

    Java Code:
    Object obj = _secondVector.get(i);
    Integer y = (Integer)obj;
    _firstVector.set(y.intValue(), "<<<remove>>>");
    }catch(ClassCastException e){
    System.err.println("Cast Error Caught (change)");
    System.err.println("Class is really: " + obj.getClass().getName());
    _secondVector is simply of the Vector class. this, i thought returned an Object. However, the exception handler prints out:

    Java Code:
    Cast Error Caught (change)
    Class is really: java.lang.String
    can anyone shed some light on why obj is a String instead of an Object?

    i tried changing the line:

    Java Code:
    Integer y = (Integer)obj;
    Java Code:
    Integer y = new Integer(obj);
    Because it said that obj was actually a String and there is an Integer constructor with String as the argument, but i get:
    Java Code:
    cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : constructor Integer (java.lang.Object)
    location: class java.lang.Integer
    Integer y = new Integer(obj);
    So now it's telling me that obj is an object, and before that it was a string......

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    To do the casting u have to be sure that the obj is really an Integer Object, otherwise u cant do the casting. I think that your _secondVector contains only string objects, so u cant do the sating from object to Integer, try to do the casting from object to string..Bye.

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