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    Default opening default browser window in invisible mode


    I am trying to open a default browser window, having a specific url, through a java application. I need to open the window in invisible(hidden) mode.
    Moreover I need to save the source file as an html file.

    can anyone give me any suggestions pls of how I can go around this problem?


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    so, are you interested in having a URL fetched and saved as a file on the local system.
    Such as you don't need to have the contents displayed?

    In this case, usingthe commons-httpclient, or the Java URL HTTP Connection would likely be a more direct way to do this.

    But also, I do not know of a way for Java to invoke a general web browser in a generic way to do this. Some browsers, such as firefox take command line paramters, its in theory possible to use the process builder to launch a browser instance and have it load a URL, but the making the browser minimized is not something that can be controlled with a command line parameter. I'm sure other browsers are the similar situation, where starting off minimized would be a feature of the window manager, such as KDE or Gnome, or Windows. And certainly if we were able to set up a command line sequence that does cause a browser to start up minimized and fetch content, we would not be able to instruct it to save the contents.

    Actually, along the line of using java to invoke a system process. it is likely possible you could use the 'wget' command (assuming unix environment, or you happen to find a windows port that has this command, such a cygwin). that is a command line HTTP fetching content application. However the Java HTTP URL connection is likely a better option from within Java.

    Hope that helps

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