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    Default How to load binary content of a .class file

    when given the name of a class, I want to retrieve the binary content of the .class file. I have written the following sample but it does not work.
    Can anyone help to find what is wrong with my sample?

    Java Code:
    String className = this.getClass().getName();
    InputStream inputStream = this.getClass().getResourceAsStream (className);

    When executing the above code, the input Stream is always returned as "null".


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    The name of the file containing the bytecode is not the same as the classname, but it has a suffix ".class". Furthermore, a classname as returned by Class.getName() returns the fully qualified name, including the package, with "." as the separation between the parts. That will probably not be a valid filename (I can think only of z/OS as an OS that uses the period as a separator char), since you're looking for that file on the filesystem. Replace the "." with the File.separator string and you should be set.

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