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    Default How to convert a string array into object in java

    String[] temp=null;
    String st3=new String(temp);

    I am using this code.. but error message is coming.
    Give solution to recover this error.

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    its not really possible to create a string from a null array either.

    if the array was not null then we can create a string by catenating each element together:
    Java Code:
    String[] temp = null;
    // something here would initialize temp[] and set array values right.
    // convert array to a single string
    String st3 = null;
    if (temp != null) {
      StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder();
      for (String s : temp) {
        if (s != null) {
      st3 = b.toString();

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    Please don't post the same question in multiple sub-forums. Stick with a one. I've closed this thread, and please deals with the other thread in New to Java. If you want to clarify anything regarding this, send me a PM.

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