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    Default serialization

    Am trying to do a project on text extraction from images (ocr) in java. If anybody could help me in this, it would be of great help.
    At present am planning to do the training using kohonen network. using a gui, image of each character is added in the text field and trained. But i want to serialize the added data, so that i need not add it a second time later.
    would u please provide me with the code so that i could serialize the data once trained.
    plus if anyone could help me with the ocr project, it would be a greater advantage.

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    well, would all the images always fit into available memory ? Such as would a kind of database be useful if there are more data than available memory ?

    In general, to serialize an object, the object needs to implement the Serializable interface. One thing to remember is that every object in the structure to be serialized must be serializable.

    And then use an ObjectOutputStream to serialize the object out to [the file], ObjectInputStream to read it back in.

    I like the old serialization discussion here: Discover the secrets of the Java Serialization API

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