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    Default Security Exception when Packages

    i've got one problem that piss me off.
    I have done a TCP Server and Client.
    I send and receive Objects using ObjectInput(Output)Stream.
    If class are grouped into packages when receiving
    i get SecurityException.doPrivileged(), when there are
    no packages everything works as a charm.
    Anyone knows whats wrong ?

    Thanks in Avdance,

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    Is there a real reason for using ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream?

    Can u do the same thing with other stream type(maybe DataOutpuStream)

    Hmh, this smells like serialization problem:
    "...Only objects that support the interface can be written to streams. The class of each serializable object is encoded including the class name and signature of the class, the values of the object's fields and arrays, and the closure of any other objects referenced from the initial objects....''

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