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    Default Making SyslogAppender write to ONLY 1 log


    I'm trying to configure a SyslogAppender to write to only 'syslog'. Currently it writes to our custom log, syslog, messages, local0. Within the syslog config file I set LOCAL0 = syslog. I thought that this would direct it to write to only syslog, but as I stated above it does not. Below is the runtime code I'm using.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    SyslogAppender syslogAppender = new SyslogAppender();
    syslogAppender.setLayout( new PatternLayout("{%d{dd.MM.yyyy}#%d{HH:mm:ss}} {%C.%M} {%c{1}} {%m}%n") );
    LOGGER.removeAllAppenders(); //remove all appenders so we can add only the appender we want next
    LOGGER.addAppender(syslogAppender); //write only to syslog


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