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    Default Why would the final quality of a JAVA based product be better than C++ one?

    Java programming language is superior to C++ (in my opinion)

    I have a presentation in few days where I need to point why to choose JAVA over C++ in order to make a better quality product which is also better to maintain.

    Lets say you have one year to design and implement a project. Why would it be better in terms of quality and maintainability if I choose JAVA ?

    Please share your thoughts,


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    Also posted at Sun forums.

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    Imho, C++ can easily be superior to Java if it drops (most of) its C compatibility. The language is too difficult for most programmers; they won't grow beyond the gory language intrinsics so a final product will be way beyond the possibilities; on the other hand it is quite easy to hack something together if you use Java. Java has quite a low threshold, C++ hasn't. That same threshold should keep the real crappy programmers out. C++ can, Java can't.

    kind regards,

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