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    Default Class <T>

    I've got an odd problem with my classes // i lose all meta information of my class (data correct)

    I want to interprete the annotations of my class (an entity bean)
    My class is derived from an interface called DataStructure

    I'm trying to evaluate the type (getType()) of a ValueExpression

    As I get the returned class ... it is presented as
    in eclips it says Class<T> (java.lang.Object)

    of coars I would like to have the complete / correct class description.
    but seemingly I can not get at it . all annotations are null

    As i try for an instance ...
    Cls.isInstance(.....DataStructure) it confirms I'e got the right class.

    The output is obviously ambigious and so difficult to use

    and it is an instance of my class

    ANy help would help me a lot.
    I do not seem to be able to grasp the result I'm seeing
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