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    Default ClassNotFoundError when using JavaBean set DataSource in iReport

    I am using iReport version 2.0.0. I am trying to use a JavaBean set datasource in my report. I have created a jar with TestFactory and FormBean classes and have added it to Jasper classpath. I am able to succcessfully create a new data source. Also when I hit on edit query for the report, I can map the corresponding form bean parameters and use them to successfully run the report. This implies that there is no issue with the class path.
    The problem however is when I use the New Report Wizard. When using the new report wizard, if i provide the complete name of my form bean class and click on next, I get the ClassNotFoundError. I am unable to figure out how iReport is able to get the formbean class from edit query wizard and gives exception from Create New Report Wizard.


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    I am having the exactly same problem using iReport 3.0.0 . I can create a new DataSource and when I open the Report Query dialog, I can map my bean.

    But, when I try use the Wizard to setup the report, I get a ClassNotFoundError when trying to register the bean.

    I've checked again and again the name of the classe and its presence in the jar. I also tried to create a new Datasource in the first step of Wizard, to check the hypothesis that the Wizard use a different classpath, but it worked normally. Only the bean class cannot be found.

    I don't know what else I could try, any help will be highly appreciated!!

    S. Rezende

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    Default ClassNotFoundError

    Solution for ClassNotFoundError:
    open iReport
    tools > options
    iReport > choose tab classpath
    add jar (jar file containing your factory class)

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