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    Default protecting and tracking

    Hi I have a problem that i keep loosing usb pens and am considering writing a program that will be able to track where they are if the usb is activated, before i start this i would like to know if there is any opensource code already available and before i can start it all to gether is it legal?

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    isn't the "autorun" program that would get launched when the key is activated specific to the operating system ? Certainly the operating system logic that observes new media added and mounts it and looks for the magic launch on mount program would be. That is to say, you can't guarantee the person who finds it is also running [Windows].

    and the theory of one plugging it in when they were not connected to a network would possibly happen anyway. Or if the person that finds it has kids and they manage to literally eat the thing before they get a chance to plug it in.

    If you are concerned about data privacy, use a file [system] encryption mechanism or product such as TrueCrypt.

    If you are just annoyed at having to keep buying new ones, how getting a nice USB key that is armoured well enough to sustain being attached to your key chain... and if you keep losing your keys too, then get one of those retractable things that stores the keys on your belt.. and if you keep losing your belt.. there are usb key devices that come in the form of a wrist watch, and im sure other convenient fashionable forms of wearable accessory
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    You don't work for Her Majesty's Government, do you?
    They're always losing stuff...:)

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    http : / /jusb . sourceforge . net /
    Please don't laugh at my English... I'm trying my best! :)

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