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    Default Sort jcombo in jtable

    Hello everyone, i want to create a JComboBox where i can write a letter
    and the comboBox show the elements starting with that letter, i mean,
    make a filter. For example if i got {"Air", "Home", "Homer"} y the
    comboBox, and i write in the comboBox the letter 'a', the combo show
    only the elements starting with that letter, it will show "Air", and if
    i only write the letter 'H', will show {"Home", "Homer"},

    Its just like a filter for the input, i hope you understand what i
    want. I'll be waiting for your answers. Thanks.
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    Keep all the items in your combobox in a String array(list) and check it every time you type something (using a keylistener)
    Java Code:
    for (String item : allItems) 
        if (item.startsWith(letter))
    something like this
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